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Why are some people so lucky? 
They live incredibly fantastic lives and others, like me, can never seem to change anything. 
You feel stuck and nothing you do seems to change it. 

Why are some people so lucky?

I’ve gotten to a point in my life that I’ve given up on any hopes and dreams I’ve had. 

Why am I stuck doing the same thing year after year?

I guess my life is okay, but I just don’t have the passion and drive I used to have.

I’ve worked hard to improve my life; I’ve read all the recommended books and followed all of the steps and yet, there isn’t any noticeable change. Why?

I never even thought about “choosing a dream come true” for my life. How is that supposed to work? 

I’ve tried everything. Self-help doesn’t help if you don’t have the energy to work hard at making it happen.

My life is a mess. I’m putting out one fire after another. How can I change what’s being thrown at me?

I’m running out of resources and don’t know how to fix this.

Is it really possible to live the kind of lifestyle I’ve only dreamed about?

Imagine Actually Getting What You Really, Really Want
True, there might be many aspects of your life that already make you happy. 

Yet, sometimes it feels like there’s more out there for you or there’s just something missing.

IMAGINE knowing exactly how to create what you want as you navigate through life.

No matter what challenge you face, you can have the very thing you need to leap beyond those challenges and land sweetly into a miraculous life. 

Imagine knowing the simple steps that attract life’s magic to you...

Where miracles are available to you, just waiting for you to allow them to happen. 

You CAN have a life of inner contentment, joy, creativity, wisdom and deep profound love. 

You CAN have whatever you are looking for whether it is ABUNDANCE, ROMANCE or WELL-BEING.

WITHOUT the struggle and all the exhausting hard work that drains your energy.

In fact, more work and effort take you FURTHER away from your hopes and dreams. 

I’d like to share with you the simple methods that have supported me in my own life. 

The very things that have given me more wealth than I thought possible in totally UNPREDICTABLE ways. 

A DEEP, loving, and satisfying marriage. 

A HAPPY and healthy family!

The ability to live my deepest desires in my career. 

To have my dream house. 

And I can’t say it enough... working hard is the opposite of what I teach. My method is VERY simple. 

The hardest part is not letting its simplicity baffle you!

Most People Don’t Have 
What They Want Because...
Most people don’t live the life of their dreams simply because they don't have the right tools to show them that there is a different way.

Maybe this is you? 

It doesn’t matter where you are in life... You have the power in you to create massive change and transformation. 

Many people fail at creating real change because often the methods they have been presented with are too daunting or are not a right fit for them. 

Or they have no system that will help support them through their transformation. And most don’t teach the one simple thing that will make or break any self-improvement program.

Hi! I am Debra Cummings. An expert and facilitator in helping people create lives of miracles, abundance, love, and well-being for over 10 years.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you CAN have the life you desire. 

We were all born with the capacity to be, do or have ANYTHING that our heart truly desires. There are all kinds of miracles that are just waiting for your invitation. 

What really launched me into a life of miracles is simple... it's when I discovered and implemented the methods I share in The Art of Manifestation Program. 

I began to see AND EXPERIENCE miracles in my life and became aware of why and how they happened..

I used to think this had to be hard, take a lot of effort, ongoing will power and dedication... but I am here to tell you... it doesn't. Working hard actually had the opposite effect on me.

I've created LOVE.
Years ago, when I visualized the romantic partner I wanted to have in my life, I not only married the man I visualized, I ended up owning the property where I imagined him to be.
I've created ABUNDANCE.
Years ago, when I was running out of money, I used one of the steps in my program and unexpectedly, I ended up being paid an enormous sum for my role as an executor of someone’s estate.

My husband and I yearned to own the ranch where we lived but didn’t have the money to buy it. Shortly after following what I now teach, I received enough money to purchase the property.

Spontaneous HEALING.
After a year of not being able to walk normally, my leg reattached to the hip socket, without medical treatment or treatment of any kind.

When I was in excruciating back pain and spontaneously the pain ceased in an instant.

When my parathyroid tumor disappeared after being diagnosed by two doctors and a parathyroid specialty center, and my endocrinologist said the ONLY way to get rid of a parathyroid tumor is through surgery - yet it disappeared all on its own.
Who is to say what’s possible or not? Will you continue to allow what you see around you to dictate what is possible and what is not? 

Move beyond the beliefs that hold you in place.

You can do this too. I’m not special. I just believe it’s possible. I’ve experienced it over and over and have figured out the steps that has life working in my favor.
You too, CAN move beyond any obstacles and resistance in your way.

You've tried the way you've been doing it... why not try something new and see if you get a different result. 

This program offers information to satisfy your mind and several powerful, PRACTICAL, and SIMPLE methods that instruct changes to happen automatically. 

I will teach you the simple steps that led me out of a downward spiral and into a life of possibilities, opportunities, and even miracles! 

If I can do it, so can you!

Like me, you too can make small adjustments and end up having the life that you have been dreaming of. 

I’d like to offer you the inspiration to harness the power within you to create the life of your dreams.

The people I’ve mentored have experienced such things as a dream career, travel opportunities, business deals working out in their favor, new homes, new cars, unexpected cash gifts in the 10’s of thousands, and on and on and on.

What Others Are Experiencing...
 Truly working for reprogramming my negative thoughts.
“These workshops are powerful! You have got to listen to these!!! Listen while you cook, listen while you do laundry, while you walk the dog, while you exercise... Just listen! It's SO worth it. And I just want to say another big THANK YOU to Deb for this program. This is truly working for reprogramming my negative thoughts. And when I pause from listening, I notice myself much more spontaneously putting into practice what she teaches and what we talked about in A Simple Path.” 
– S.S.
Installation of new, beautiful floors... total unexpected.
“I have been practicing Deb's suggestion of playfully imagining something that would be unaffordable and unexpected, but something that would make me really happy. Every time I vacuumed and cleaned, I saw beautiful hardwood floors in my home. Yesterday the installation of beautiful bamboo floors began. Totally unexpected. Paid for from a fire damage insurance settlement. I will also get refinished cabinets and new ceilings with recessed lights. People and circumstances supported me fully through the process. I have an incredible feeling of being lucky. I even invested a small sum of money in stocks that have appreciated 85% in three months.”
– S.V.
Living out the dream of being a volleyball coach.
“Thank YOU so much, Deb, for an awesome, impactful, and memorable experience. I feel goes without saying but I will... Deb's guidance and willingness to shed light on any and all topics/subjects/experiences was mind blowing. I was attending a volleyball tournament as a coach for my youth club team. Sitting at the breakfast table with the team, the coincidence of living out the dream of being a volleyball coach while listening to one of the Simple Path workshops was a pleasantly surreal experience for me. I got the chills multiple times. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– M.B.
Are You Ready To Propel Your Life Forward?
You are prewired to attain the life of your dreams. It doesn’t matter where you start or what your life looks like now, the path to having what you truly want is the simplest path to follow. 

You were born with the desire to blossom fully in the areas that interest you the most. 

If you have a secret desire to live a luxury lifestyle, you are already prewired with the ability to attain it. 

If you have a love and admiration of fine art, you were born with what it takes to own beautiful works of art or to live a life surrounded by the beautiful art you appreciate.

This program is focused on propelling you forward into the life of your dreams. 

That’s right – propelling.

There are simple steps that will change your life in monumental ways beyond what you can imagine. 

Forget the small, incremental steps. We’re talking about huge change that defies belief. This isn’t about meekly writing your goals and sitting idly by, hoping for a miracle. 


There really IS a simple path to manifesting a life far better than you ever thought possible – something that you haven’t been able to figure out how to attain yet. 

Life has solutions that you’ve never thought of and the end result is always better than you ever expected.
And the best thing is…. All of us are already wired to live like this. We already have it in us. To live in a way that our dreams come true. We were born for this! We just never knew it.

Maybe you want...
  • An abundance of money
  •  Well-being
  •  A romantic relationship with your dream partner
  •  A thriving business
  •  A beautiful home or homes!
  •  Luxurious travel
  •  A new car
  •  Anything you can think of!
This program is ALL about simplicity. 

We tend to complicate things and make things harder than they need to be. And when we do that we actually interfere with what’s possible. We slow down the process. 

This is a common mistake in manifesting. So, everything that’s presented here is VERY simple. 
What You Will Receive:
  •  12 Art of Manifestation Workshops. Made to open up your manifesting power.  
  • Audio downloads of each workshop to keep so you can listen in your car, or at work, while you’re working out, when you are cleaning the house, traveling, etc.
  • A Supportive Community to connect with like-minded people via access to a Private, Art of Manifestation Facebook Group where you can go for guidance, support, and insights. And to share what is happening in your manifestation experience.
  • Plus some exciting bonuses that I will tell you about in just a moment.
More About Each Workshop:
  • Workshop – 1: YOUR BIG DREAMS. This is where we’ll really flesh out and get you clear on your big dream. 
  • Workshop – 2: FUNDAMENTALS OF MAKING MIRACLES HAPPEN. This workshop is about how working less, creates more and how to create what you want rather than what you don’t want.
  • Workshop – 3: REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND FOR MORE MIRACLES. How to create a dream that works. Also examples of previous students dreams manifesting.
  • Workshop – 4: MIRACLE IMMERSION. Reprogramming your brain, comparing different methods of manifestation and why massive action can actually slow down the entire process.
  • Workshop – 5: WHEN FEARS & DOUBT ARISE. How to move through challenges quickly. What interferes with your dreams coming true.
  • Workshop – 6: USING EMOTIONS TO MAXIMIZE. Deserving what you want and why you have a problem with that. And how the way you think about your dream might be pushing it away. Getting through difficult days.
  • Workshop – 7: POWER OF SURRENDER. How the Universe communicates with you. And the “how’s” and why you want to make sure you are NOT trying to figure out how to make your dream come true.
  • Workshop – 8: ACCEPTANCE & SUPPORT. Acceptance vs. Resistance. Negativity in relationships. A simple step to raise your vibration.
  • Workshop – 9: BELIEVING THE IMPOSSIBLE - THE QUANTUM LEAP. Believing in the impossible. Possibilities and miracle experiences.
  • Workshop – 10: PARTNERING WITH THE UNIVERSE. What to do when you’re doing it all right and nothing seems to be happening. 
  • Workshop – 11: LET GO OF THE HOWS. Moving through the levels of deliberate manifestation. Your influence on the world and how you are conditioned to make things worse rather than better.
  • Workshop – 12: LIVING YOUR DREAM. When you manifest miracles there is always another dream. How to keep manifesting even after you’ve taken the course. We go through a guided journey that gives a power boost to your dream.  
Incredible shifts and huge gains!
“I wanted to let you know that your program is working for me. I’ve had a incredible shifts recently and huge gains. I am feeling excitement which I haven’t felt for a very long time. I am feeling pulled towards my dreams and everything clearing a path to make it easier for me to attain them. Thank you thank you. I am blessed to have you in my life.” 
– K.D.
I felt so much better by the end of the workshop. 
I was feeling particularly out of sorts and down. I played the workshop from last weekend and it helped me so much. It was a source of comfort for me. Combine this with all of your words of inspiration and hope, and this whole group you are leading…I am just so grateful. I felt so much better by the end of the workshop. Thank you, Deb.” 
– J.C.
He VERY ROMANTICALLY asked me to move in!
“Before the program I wanted to take the next steps and move in with my boyfriend. You have to know he is very traditional and hasn’t lived with anyone in about 10 years. I went on being my loving self, concentrating on the joy and love of the outcome. Without any formal conversation, by the end of the program he VERY ROMANTICALLY asked me to move in! We now live happily together and I am excited for what’s next!” 
The Value Is Off The Charts!
For me, this program would have been priceless.

If I could have learned this method long ago...It’s value for me would have been far beyond any amount. I wouldn’t have had the years of worrying about things I believed I couldn’t control.

It would have been worth taking a loan out on my house to have someone really simplify the steps for me!  

There is a reason you are here today. Are you ready to understand how you have been creating what you don’t want?

Allow my decades of experience to help clear the pathway to a life you love rather than stumbling through manifestation the hard way.
If you feel inspired and hopeful about what this program offers, please join me in The Art of Manifestation.

Learn the life changing skill of The Art of Manifestation
for only...
or 3 easy investments of $357 or 6 easy investments of $179

You don’t have to figure it out on your own.
Learn from my mistakes. I have tried as many methods as I could find and discovered why many did the opposite of what they promised.

Learn from someone who has attracted enormous sums of money, the romantic partner I wanted (my husband☺) has had spontaneous healings and has experienced miracles that are beyond what we would consider possible. 

You have the opportunity to learn and really take on the very same steps I used and continue to use, to create the life of my dreams.

Even using just some of the suggestions can change your life in magnificent ways.

THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES to live the life of your dreams! 

Wait... There Are Also Bonuses 
You Get Right Away!

As soon as you sign up you will these fabulous bonuses: 

BONUS #1 A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life eBook 
This is where it all started. Many of the foundational pieces in The Art of Manifestation are included in the Simple Path to a Miraculous Life ebook. You will have your very own copy to keep in your personal library so that you can reference it at anytime from anywhere. It’s the perfect companion to this course. I highly recommend reading it before you get started in this program.
BONUS #2 A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life AudioBook
The audiobook is SO helpful in retraining your brain to the exact level of thinking required for deliberate manifestation. You can listen to it when you are driving or if you need a quick pick me up in the middle of the day or as you go to sleep at night. Or if you are taking a break from work, this is a great thing to have at your fingertips!
BONUS #3 A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life (digital) Workbook 
A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life Workbook is the perfect companion to this program and will prompt you with questions and inspire you to take you deeper into this new way of being, making your changes more permanent. BY THE WAY... at this time, the workbook is only available through this course and is not available for purchase

I love this next bonus! Previous students have found this Manifestation Card Deck to be a very helpful companion to stay inspired when distracted by life’s mishaps.

It’s a beautiful 54 card, physical deck that we will ship to you. 
One of the ways you can use this deck of cards is when you are having a difficult day, or you’re worried about something, or you are feeling stuck, or for when you want to increase your inspiration to motivate you. 

Then, you can choose a card from the deck to help guide you to greater understanding OR to shift your focus.
It’s a tool to help you ongoing – long after this course ends.
Currently, the card deck is ONLY available with this course.
It allows you to stay focused on the simple, accurate information that takes you from
where you are now to a life you will love living.
You don’t need to search for inspiration to keep you going. It’s all right here.

You can do it on your own (which I am sure you have tried before)... OR...
OOOOOR you can have someone by your side, an expert, to help you quicken the entire process and get you fulfilling your dreams over and over again. 

An expert who has done it before time and time again. 

We’re talking about someone who has experienced spontaneous healing...

We’re talking about someone who has attracted millions of dollars totally unexpectedly...

We’re talking about someone who has manifested a dream home and car... 

And not just a close version, but almost down to every detail and then some. 
PLUS... The biggest BONUS OF ALL...The opportunity to CHANGE YOUR DESTINY.
Let me take you by the hand and show you the SIMPLE way to BIG leaps into success and having what you really, really want. 

You will be showered with new ways and tools to help you to that vision you’ve wanted but never thought was possible. 

I look forward to serving you on this journey, in fact it would be my great honor to walk next to you in this next phase of your life. 

Click to register below. 

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Enjoy your best life!
P.S. Some people never reach their full potential. They come and go without ever knowing the true bliss that life has to offer. Or some people only move when there is great pain involved. You don't need to wait any longer or go any more deeply into pain. You can have an amazing life now. I want that for you. 
“I ended up with an amazing resolution to my lemon-law car. The manufacturer will buy it back for full price PLUS an additional $25,000+. I totally didn’t expect this!!” –L.S.
“I ended up with my room re-decorated for an amazingly inexpensive price. AND I received front row seats to a concert I wasn’t able to get tickets for.” –M.S. 
"I ended up with a brand new car! Completely unexpected but something I really, really wanted." –K.D.
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